Kathryn Eckhardt is running for the Minnesota House in district 35B because politics as usual is leaving most Minnesotans behind. Kathryn believes that community representation is the way to cut through partisan politics and create solutions that will benefit the most people.  Elected officials should put the needs of the community ahead of personal agendas both because it's the right thing to do, but also because we create better policies when we put our communities first. Community representation means that the biggest issues facing our community will be discussed openly in community forums so that every voice has an opportunity to be heard. When we bring these conversations out from behind the closed doors of the capitol we have the opportunity to propose better and less polarizing legislation, and to ensure that elected officials are held accountable by the community.

Our community is built on a shared foundation that values hard work, dedication to family, and giving back. If we build from that shared foundation we can create stronger communities that are prepared to thrive no matter what challenges the future holds. Our community deserves a representative committed to putting people first. If elected to be your representative, Kathryn will fight for you and your family, and advocate for our entire community in the Minnesota House of Representatives.