Kathryn Eckhardt is running for the Minnesota House in district 35B because we need new voices in government who are committed to building strong communities and representing all Minnesotans. Kathryn has friends and neighbors from across the political spectrum and knows that our community is stronger when we all work together to address tough issues. Regardless of political affiliation, our community is built on a shared foundation that values hard work, dedication to family, and giving back to our community. If we build from that shared foundation we can create stronger communities that are prepared to thrive no matter what challenges the future holds. Our district is a special place. We take care of each other here and don’t shy away from hard work and tough jobs. When it comes right down to it, we all care about keeping our communities safe, seeing our families thrive, and desire a fulfilling retirement. If elected to be your representative, Kathryn will fight for you and your family and advocate for our entire community in the Minnesota House of Representatives.