Kathryn Believes in Building from Common Ground

Productive Communities are Valuable

  • Invest in roads, highways, and public transportation options to make sure Minnesota workers of all income brackets can get to work.
  • Ensure our current workforce is prepared for the jobs of tomorrow through displaced worker re-training.
  • Close the wage gap between both men and women, racial groups, and also between the highest and lowest paid workers.
  • Support unions and ensure that they have a voice as communities and industries plan for workforce changes, like automation, so that decisions are made that benefit Minnesota workers and not just CEOs.
  • Support efforts to create more age friendly communities where people of all ages are able to actively participate and contribute to make our district and our state a better place to live. 
  • Reduce unnecessary spending by discontinuing programs that fail to reach their intended goals. Minnesota taxpayers fund countless programs that fail to achieve their desired results, often despite well intended goals. We must do a better job investing in programs that have provided evidence of effectiveness, and be diligent in removing funding to programs that fail to achieve desired results. 

Educated Communities are Valuable

  • Support the strong public schools in our area. This is not just right for our kids but also crucial for the strength of our community. Many families move to our area because of the strong public schools. School vouchers will weaken our public schools which will lower the value of our homes and the desirability of our neighborhoods. 
  • Build and protect pathways to the trades and the jobs of tomorrow.
  • Lower the costs of higher education.
  • Invest in STEAM and STEM education and use the work of these professions, both current and future, to inform our policy making.
  • Ensure anti-bullying programs in schools are comprehensive, evidence based, and thoroughly evaluated for effectiveness. 

Safe and Healthy Communities are Valuable

  • Invest in evidence based interventions to battle the opioid epidemic; Kathryn is one of many people in this community who has lost a loved one to this crisis and she knows that we must get ahead of this epidemic. 
  • Support the Sheriff to ensure vulnerable teens and young adults do not fall victim to human trafficking and that they have easy access to resources to keep them safe and off the streets.
  • Keep guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals through expanded background checks and red flag laws for individuals convicted of violent crimes.
  • Invest in renewable energy and protect our waterways so that our kids and grandchildren inherit a beautiful and healthy Minnesota.
  • Ensure that all Minnesotans have affordable and accessible healthcare through a Minnesotacare buy-in option. 
  • Care for our elders by ensuring that they have access to safe and secure care and housing, and that elder abuse is taken seriously,
  • Support our veterans and ensure they have access to high quality care, housing, and jobs.